Conversations with inspiring random acquaintances

Guest roster

Guest roster

You’ll find a wide variety of guests here…it’s part of the magic. People from all walks of life, spanning the globe, experiencing the world through their lens come to share their stories.  Yet, you’ll feel the essence of their sameness. I am continually delighted by the way each guest reinforces my core belief that we are all connected and seeking to lead a joyful and purposeful life, in our own, infinitely unique way.


  • Christine the singer (Ep 1)
  • Shawn the music maker (Ep 12)
  • Kathleen the bowlerina (Ep 14)
  • Frank the ringmaster (Ep 27)
  • Sammy & Don the rappers (Ep 29)


  • Jason the speaker (Ep 4)
  • Dan the confidence coach (Ep 7)
  • Doug the disruptor (Ep 13)
  • Stephen the seed planter (Ep 21 & 30)
  • Emeric the mirror (Ep 22)
  • Izzy the ninja (Ep 25)


  • Tanner the painter (Ep 3)
  • Nathan the minimalist (Ep 24)
  • Andrea the painter of souls (Ep 31)


  • Kartik the filmmaker (Ep 9)
  • Ken the historian (Ep 26)


  • Tara the storycatcher (Ep 11)
  • Heather the student of the great Atlantic teacher (Ep 17)
  • David the author (Ep 19)
  • Jon the writer (Ep 28)


  • Tom the Belgian biker (Ep 8)
  • Zak the soccer player (Ep 15)
  • Billy the wanderer (Ep 20)

Coffee roasters/Chocolate Makers (I know, very specific)

  • Jonas the chocolate maker (Ep 2)
  • Todd the world changer (Ep 18)

Healers/Spiritual teachers

  • Sarah the chiropractor (Ep 5)
  • Lana the spiritual mentor (Ep 6)
  • Arzu the manifestor (Ep 10)
  • Kayla the truth seeker (Ep 16)
  • Karina the modern day alchemist (Ep 23)


I would love to tell you things!

...sorry to offend you with a pop-up, but, if you've heard me on Glistening Particles, you know I love to get to know people! If you share your email address with me, I can let you know what's coming up [there are so many new things in the works!!] andddd let you know when and where I'll be out in the world gathering talking with strangers...because it's what I do! And if you sign up we'll be more than strangers - more like random acquaintances! That's awesome!

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