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Episode 10: Arzu the manifestor

Episode 10: Arzu the manifestor

Arzu had a successful career using her multilingual talents to work with international engineers at her company. She spent her off work hours exploring philosophy, yoga, meditation and all things around personal growth. Along the way, she was inspired to take some time away from corporate life to more deeply experience all of these areas and especially to focus her full attention on what she wanted to do next.

She shaped the most divine ‘introvert sabbatical’, carving out time to play, research and indulge in everything she felt inspired to learn about and especially what called her curiosity. Her method of transitioning from corporate life to her 6 month sabbatical was well thought out and allowed for everyone involved to find both peace and enthusiasm as she made the leap.

Arzu’s world experience, grateful heart and endless wonder with everyday life through her gratitude practice will warm your heart as too.


Arzu’s blog (in Turkish)


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