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Episode 26: Ken the historian

Episode 26: Ken the historian

Ken Wise is a lot of things. A judge, a lawyer, a dad, a golf enthusiast and a Texan. He’s an expert on Texas history and proud of his heritage and his state. When the time came to begin sharing his knowledge and passion, he found his way to podcasting. He is the host of a well-followed show called Wise about Texas. In the last a little over a year, he’s posted nearly 40 episodes of journal level historical information in a back porch storytelling manner. His shows are well researched, thorough and extensively cross referenced, yet the delivery style is so fresh and engaging he reaches listeners of all ages.

During our conversation we traversed the following topics:

  • How we met – shout out to Blubrry!
  • How Texas history is taught in schools
  • Ken’s roots
  • How he started podcasting
  • The thrill and art of historical detective work
  • The bigger purpose of why he has his show
  • The conviction and determination of early Texas settlers including the strong women in Texas history
  • Another historical path to explore: Texas music

Where to find Ken:

Wise about Texas: A Texas History Podcast

Wise about Texas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And of course in a prominent historical building in downtown Houston 🙂

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