Conversations with inspiring random acquaintances

How it began



Welcome to Glistening Particles!

I’m Jane…your host. I’m the person who had this little glimmer of an idea swimming in my brain for the past year or year and a half…maybe even longer, but I didn’t know what to call it. My podcast is here to plant seeds of inspiration one story a time. You’ll hear tales woven together by a common theme of optimism, passion and enthusiasm. To best understand what I’m here to share, listen to Episode 0 (linked above) where I talk about the purpose, the passion, in more detail.

The back story:

The idea of talking to inspiring doers and dreamers fascinates me to no end…literally lights me up from the inside. Maybe it’s because I spent the first part of my life trying to be normal, to not stand out. It was a lot harder for me than you’d imagine. Blending didn’t seem to be how I was designed.  In time though I realized I was drawn to the outliers, to the crazy-in-the-best-possible-way kind of people who were listening to their inner voice and in doing so, living vibrant, deeply fulfilling lives.

I’m not sure how I found my way to podcasting. I do know this. It feels like the most natural and, at the same time, equally enchanting way to express myself at this point in my life. Me. The middle schooler who forgot to breath when giving her speech in class and almost passed out. Me. The corporate IT professional who almost felt her heart beat out of her chest when asked to present in front of a large group. Yet, now, through the windy, sometimes mellow, sometimes chaotic road I’ve been on, I found my voice. It was always there. The key, the real secret, was letting go of all the layers I was wearing that really weren’t me. Now, standing out, unblending, is something I embrace…a gift.

This podcast is the perfect place to play. With words. With thoughts. With my voice. And with some extraordinary, seemingly random, highly entertaining beautiful humans.

I promise you this. On every episode I’ll be ultra-genuine, enthusiastic, compassionate, exhilarated, expressive and present. And, in that, I hope you will find inspiration, understanding and a connection.

Thank you for listening. I mean it. Thank you.

With enthusiasm,



I would love to tell you things!

...sorry to offend you with a pop-up, but, if you've heard me on Glistening Particles, you know I love to get to know people! If you share your email address with me, I can let you know what's coming up [there are so many new things in the works!!] andddd let you know when and where I'll be out in the world gathering talking with strangers...because it's what I do! And if you sign up we'll be more than strangers - more like random acquaintances! That's awesome!

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