Episode 14: Kathleen the bowlerina

As a child, Kathleen Calby began hearing sounds that came from the Universe. She was entranced yet told to stop listening to them. She didn’t, instead kept quiet until a spiritual teacher encouraged her to explore these “tones” in 1999. That year, she started working with Tibetan singing bowls to increase her relationship with sound energy. In 2009, Kathleen began playing publicly and doing one-on-one sessions with an ensemble of contemporary gem crystal singing bowls and antique Tibetan bowls. In her practice, she offers people the opportunity to relax and listen to their bodies, minds and emotions, allowing spirit to guide them to new possibilities. Vibrational energy can be very healing on many levels.



Learn more about Kathleen’s work and please contact her directly for more information or if you, too, hear tones.

Re-Sounding Joy

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