Episode 18: Todd the world changer

Todd Edwards is the owner of Ole Latte, a coffee cart business in Portland Oregon. He caught my attention while searching for a warming coffee while downtown late September. I was lucky enough to catch Todd in the cart that late, sunny morning. He easily shared his passion for connecting with each person who stood at the window of one of his 3 carts and the value he placed on experiencing a relationship, rather than simply a transaction.

Todd shares how he was led to open this business, where he plans to expand and further offer opportunities for people to connect. His underlying essence of giving back is apparent with his suspended coffee and bagel offerings and the way he seeks ways to support in ways beyond money. Todd’s energy and passion are contagious, as is the way I suppose with anyone following what lights them up.

Where to find Todd:


Ole latte

Learn more about the suspended coffee movement.

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