Episode 54: Steve the songwriter – producer

Steve Freeman took the time to chat with me recently about the music industry, radio and Starbucks coffee. He is a wealth of information and experience and openly shares his wisdom for those who are going after their dreams, music or otherwise.

For more information about Steve, here is an excerpt from his bio on his website thestevefreeman.com.

teve Freeman is a hit songwriter and award winning record producer. His credits as both can be found on millions of records sold worldwide, as well as  heard on radio stations around the globe. Over the last decade, his songs and the albums he’s produced for both major label and indie label artists have been praised by the likes of Billboard, R&R, Rolling Stone, BBC, Country Weekly, New Music Weekly and Music Row Magazine.

As a songwriter his songs have been cut by artists in several genres including Country, Pop, Rock and Christian Contemporary, including 4 #1 singles to date, as well as had his songs featured in hit TV shows like ABC’s Nashville, HBO’s True Blood and many others . Steve is currently a staff writer for Vices Verses Music in Nashville. Before writing for VVM, Steve was a staff writer for Dan Hodges Music and previously, he was signed to Murrah/Colton Music Publishing in Nashville. Murrah/Colton was born from the highly successful Murrah Music, owned by the legendary songwriter Roger Murrah. Murrah Music was the only independent music publisher to ever be named to Billboard Magazines Top 10 Publishers list.

As a producer, Steve has been hired to produce Albums, EP’s and Singles for everyone from major label and independent artists, hit television shows, independent films and major motion pictures to theme songs for a 2012 Presidential Campaign. In the last two years alone, Steve has produced four #1 singles across the globe and ranging in genres from Pop to Country to Rock. He is known for his great working relationships with the players, songwriters and engineers responsible for the careers of major artists such as Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, Tom Petty and Tim McGraw.

Over the last few years, Steve has fallen in love with working, writing and producing independent artists more so than major label acts. “Independent artists seem to take more pride in there music, it’s certainly more creative and they don’t worry themselves with making sure there music fits into any certain box or label. They care more about creating something great and unique over making something popular and that’s usually when greatness happens”, says Steve.

Steve is a voting member of the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association, the Recording Academy and a Pro member of the songwriter rights organization NSAI. Steve currently resides in Nashville Tennessee with his wife Stacy and their two daughters Mackenzie and Chloe.”

Where to find Steve:

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