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Episode 71: Rosie the designer

Episode 71: Rosie the designer

Rosie is the owner of Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture, a bespoke bridal wear and corset company in the UK. She is an incredibly creative designer, and at a young age, a wise and successful business woman. She shares the story of where her design roots began, how she stepped into creating gowns & corsets for brides around the world and dressing Helena Bonham Carter for Vanity Fair.

Her tagline ‘every body deserves to feel beautiful’ underscores her mission to provide stunning couture for all figures and embrace what is the real and normal range of body types in the world today. She was even so bold as to bring her own plus size models to her first show at London Fashion Week. Rosie is genuine, delightful and changing the world of fashion one gorgeous corset at a time!

Where to find Rosie


Instagram: @rosieredcorsetry

Twitter: @RosieRedCorsets


Here’s the dress I was gushing over


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