Ep 123: Music with Zac Matthews Band

Ep 123: Music with Zac Matthews Band

Zac, Brandon and Johnsy of the Zac Matthews Band hang out on Glistening Particles in our first recording with a) an entire band, b) a remote, private residence studio and c) an actual (2 person) audience.

I first discovered the band, well two of the three members, playing an acoustic performance in a tiny bar outside of Janesville, WI. What really drew me in was the way Zac, the lead singer & guitar player, connected with the audience. I’ve seen bands in small bars and there was something different here. By the time I left, I sort of felt like I’d made new friends. And, I was blown away by the way Zac and Johnsy could take just about any request and play it — I mean music and lyrics! And all over the board!

During our conversation, I learned how they all found their love of music, what’s exciting and what’s challenging about following their musical dreams. And what I loved the most was the look on their faces when they talked about how it feels to be up on stage. Totally glowing!

Each of them shared their musical influences and dream jam session participants (shocking) and a few random facts. Which one has a cologne collection? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Zac Matthews Band is playing year round, recording in Nashville and finding their way in the sometimes complicated life of musicians. We learned just before the recording they had been named Wisconsin’s Best Country Band by Found in Wisconsin. Read about their exciting win here.

Be sure to look up their tour dates and stop in and say hello! Tour dates!

Where to find Zac Matthews Band:

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