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Episode 25: Izzy the ninja

Episode 25: Izzy the ninja

Izzy Arkin is officially the first ninja on the show. Not only is he a ninja, but started as a school teacher in California. Here’s how he describes his journey:

At the age of 26 I was a Middle School Science and History teacher. It was my 4th year in the classroom, in the midst of a getting a Masters Degree. Soon, I’d be running my own school. All before I was 30.

One problem…I wasn’t happy.

So I stepped back, reflected, and gave the mind the freedom to wander. An insight came:

I want to follow my childhood dream: to become a ninja.

Two years later, I moved to Japan in search of what felt like destiny.

Where you can find Izzy:

Email him directly at

Call or text him (yes, on his real phone!) 707.485.4064

Visit one of his two websites:


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