Episode 24: Nathan the minimalist

Nathan Warner is a 29-year-old living in Boise, Idaho. An artist and designer who studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, he has collaborated with brands including American Apparel, Lucky Brand, DSTLD and the Arbor Collective. A Los Angeles native, Warner lets his skate background and passion for the outdoors influence many of his projects, including furniture collections, photography and artwork. He is currently showcasing in Southern California and Mexico and is one of the curators of Art Sux Anyways, a rotating L.A. art show. When he isn’t in the studio, Warner can likely be found camping and hiking out of cell phone range. 

Nathan found Glistening Particles and joined me for a conversation about how he went from the life of consumerism and marketing in L.A. to a quieter existence in a tiny house in Boise. It’s a beautiful and unfolding story about making space to hear our inner voice and listening when it begins to speak with more clarity. He’s insightful and a wonderful storyteller.

Where to find Nathan:

Nathan’s work can be found at 6188nw.net

And listen carefully for the contest and how to win a piece of art from Nathan 🙂


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