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Episode 27: Frank the ringmaster

Episode 27: Frank the ringmaster

Frank is one of the co-founders of the Madison, Wisconsin-based Fresco Opera Theatre. Their mission is to deliver opera to all generations through fresh, unique entertainment. From Dueling Divas to a Star Wars themed opera, Opera unplugged and even garage performances, Fresco attracts people of all ages and fulfills Frank and Melanie’s underlying goal of bringing opera to more people so they can develop an appreciation for the beauty and magic for years and even generations to come.

Our conversation explores:

  • How the idea happened
  • How Fresco began
  • How Fresco is a little different than traditional opera performances
  • How the delivery expanded from the Overture Center (yes, they started there) to State Street and neighbor’s garages
  • Where they find performers
  • How they write the shows
  • How they keep it all together with full time jobs besides the opera
  • Advice on when to take action on ideas
  • Obstacles at the outset
  • New products for singers called Vocalete
  • In the midst of all of this, getting certified as a creative coach
  • How a homeless man’s reaction to a State Street performance makes it all worthwhile

Where to find Frank:

Which is just about everywhere!

Other people/organizations mentioned:

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