Ep 116: Wheelchair basketball with AJ the coach

AJ Messmer has followed his passion for health and fitness along a road that led him to his current role as the Assistant Coach for the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Wheelchair Basketball team. I met him at a local gym where I was looking for some 1×1 personal training and immediately could sense how he genuinely cared about people enjoying their lives to the fullest. He wanted to help people overcome any physical limitations to achieving their dreams. 

AJ shares how he ended up in Whitewater and how each time he said yes to something that sounded right to him, another door opened. Be sure to tune in to find out what’s up for him in May, just by leap-frogging to each call of curiosity!

AJ also talks about his new venture, online training and how he and his business partner will be able to reach more people through technology. When I asked him how he’ll connect with his clients, he talks through a multi-pronged plan to do just that. Connection is everything.

Where to find AJ:

UW Wheelchair Basketball: http://www.uww.edu/recsports/wcathletics

Email: acjfit2018@gmail.com

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