Ep 115: Giving back with Johnna the baker

Johnna is a teenage girl, home schooled and has her own online bakery. When we met, Johnna had made the most chocolatey-minty birthday cake for her dad that I’d ever had! When I found out she was 14 and had her own bakery I was stunned. But it didn’t end there, she went on to share with me how she donates a portion of all her earnings to non-profits she supports including her local LGBTQ organization and the women’s shelter. 

To witness first hand this amount of passion about changing the world in a young woman in rural Illinois was a memorable experience. The week after I met her, she was walking in the Chicago Women’s march with her Mom and a few months later we connected to hear more about her story. I hope you’re as inspired as I am to learn more about this beautiful, bright, inspired young world changer in our midst.

Key Takeaways:

2:58 – How we met

3:48 – Johnna describes her bakery, her start and her support of local non-profits

5:36 – Johnna’s revenue and how she learned to bake

8:34 – How Johnna generates ideas and her style in baking

9:54 – The most difficult cake yet

12:27 – Where Johnna finds inspiration

13:45 – Homeschool, business, and Johnna’s academic future

17:34 – Johnna’s favorite cakes

19:58 – When a baker asks the young baker to make her cake

20:21 – How Johnna chose the non-profits she donates to 

22:20 – The march in Chicago and her family

25:17 – Where great initiative comes from for a 14-year-old

26:39 – Johnna shares her advice for other kids her age

29:30 – The speed round questions

29:35 – Favorite ingredients

31:30 – What Johnna does for fun

36:00 – How to connect with Johnna

37:15 – Closing thoughts

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