Ep 109: Inclusion with Ali the activist

In this episode of the Glistening Particles podcast, I have the privilege of sitting down in person with my guest, Ali Muldrow.  Our conversation centers on Ali’s work for GSAFE, and on how we can all pursue greater love for one another, particularly in spaces where it is conspicuously lacking.  We discover Ali’s efforts to empower LGBTQ youth, and discuss topics ranging from education to parenting to consent.  Ali speaks with thoughtfulness, insight, and compassion, and her words are inspiring and practical guides as we all try to love well.

Where to find Ali:

GSAFE – GSAFE increases the capacity of LGBTQ+ students, educators, and families to create schools in Wisconsin where all youth thrive. Check out GSAFE on Facebook and Twitter too.

Ali on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


2:43 – A new venue –we’re meeting in person!

3:21 – GSAFE in Ali’s words

4:05 – Ali’s crossroads

4:33 – Guardians of two things

5:21 – My family connection

6:42 – Ability to be inclusive

7:43 – Leadership is an orientation of the imagination

8:44 – Addressing a disconnect

9:25 – A new orientation toward fear

13:02 – Listen to impacted communities

13:52 – A question on conditioning

14:58 – What racism is and isn’t

16:07 – What oppression is

18:20 – Seeing people like you, and then seeing yourself

19:12 – A teaching shift

20:10 – Rights we have and the concept of scarcity

23:22 – On use of resources

25:09 – When truly listening is mind-blowing

26:00 – Making things right after the apology

29:54 – Your kids as a testament

35:10 – Ali’s favorite moment

36:20 – On consent culture

39:18 – Love and society’s good

40:08 – My philosophy of love

41:41 – What keeps you up at night?

43:26 – Problems and potential

44:47 – Choosing how to fight

45:43 – Fun facts: dancing and more



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