Ep 124: Ultra running & body positivity with Latoya

Latoya Shauntay Snell first hit the spotlight after being heckled at the 2017 New York marathon. Her current platform focuses on body positivity in the realm of athleticism. I found her through a simple Huff Post feed in Instagram and instantly knew I had to learn more!

During our conversation, we peel back a few layers, to discover she’s lived seemingly many lives, or at least worn many hats already. From social work to chef to blogger, photographer, painter and more, Latoya clearly has the feel of a modern renaissance woman.

What I learned during our conversation was straight talk about her experience throughout all of these roles and how each step led her here, ready to shine as a role model for anyone who’s simply trying to live their best life without being judged by others for not fitting into a certain box.

This episode kept coming back to me, thinking about my own place in this experience. Be sure to swing over to Glistening Particles on Facebook or Instagram and continue the conversation!

Where to find Latoya:

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