Ep 125.1: Christine the singer

I’m not sure if it’s because she was my first or because she’s become a soulmate kind of friend to me since we recorded this episode back in the summer of 2016, but I know this: I love her and I love her story.

A trip to the Isle of Man is still on my short bucket list (there’s a short one and a really, really, really long one). I want to see the places she describes first hand and walk the forest with her while she sings.

In this episode, Christine talks about how she knew singing was her calling from an early age and that has never changed. Knowing her now, the way I do, her voice and her music are her gifts to the world. Her spirit is lit from within and whether you feel it through a song on Spotify, a performance on stage or sitting with her having a conversation, it is UNDENIABLE.

Be sure to follow Christine and if you’re ever where she’s performing…GO!!! And bring me!!! Please?!


Christine Collister

Facebook – Christine Collister

The Isle of Man

Visitor site

Beautiful! A time-lapse film of the Island’s night skiesStory of the Isle with subtitles

Story of the Isle with subtitles

A 15 minute documentary about the “legacy” of The Island of Culture which took place in 2014

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  • Yes you must see Christine performing!! Her voice is absolutely magnificent. I make sure I go to a show each time she comes to my hometown. You will love the experience I promise. ❤❤❤

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