Episode 83: Clare the queer vegan activist nurse

Clare Madrigal came to me by way of Michael Harren, the animal advocate from episode 78. She has such a beautiful story of the way one passion led to another and to another. She followed her gut instinct, her inner voice to move from California to DC, with some time in Miami in the middle. And each of these places gave her more experience, more perspective and a deeper understanding of the connection between humans and animals.

She lives by the Alice Walker quote “My activism is my rent for living on the planet”. You can see her protesting to free Lolita the whale from the Miami Sea Aquarium, advocating for her LGBTQ community at the Pride parade and taking her activism to her work by stepping into a brand new role as an LGBTQ Nurse Resource for her hospital. She takes these roles on with enthusiasm and compassion and every day is inching us forward to a better understanding of how we can all live together with greater peace and understanding.

Where to find Clare & other links:

Clare’s Instagram – rainbowbear9

Clare’s blog

Vegan Outreach

Veg Week — Join in this year April 16-22, 2018

Cat Cafe

Great vegan books for kids by Ruby Roth

Fenway Institute for healthcare providers LGBTQ education

The Gender Unicorn

Pride Parade

Lolita’s story




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