Episode 78: Michael the animal advocate

Michael Harren is a composer, performer, musician, teacher, podcaster and an animal and vegan activist. He shares with us a couple of significant turns in his life that led him to where he is today, while noting that each of the bits and pieces along the way brought him to his latest work. He’s a firm believer in leaping and learning, rather than the other way around (which I often subscribe to myself!).

His compassion and understanding of the animals who inhabit this planet with us are part of what he’s here to teach to others. He does so in a unique and beautiful way through his performance called The Animal Show. He created an opportunity to learn in order to advocate by spending a lot of time on the Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary located in Montague, NJ.

Michael’s story, his life, traverse many of the areas we all face as we make our way to our true calling. And he has surely found his!

The broad range of topics we covered:

Where to find Michael

His website: http://michaelharren.com/




His podcast – Mikey Pod

Promo links:

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Photo: Diana Bezanski



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