Episode 77: Sandra the animal rescuer

Sandra Jensen visited us before back in Episode 46. She’s a writer from the UK and, coincidentally, has been running the Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia since 2012. Through her organization and a dedicated collection of volunteers and supporters, they have found forever homes for over 500 dogs and cats.

With her beautiful way of storytelling, she shared the reason she began the page as well as gives us an understanding of the true situation on the ground in Bosnia. And, by listening I suspect you too, will find space in your heart for Vucko the German Shepard who started it all.

To see more about Vucko, you can visit this site. Please heed the warnings if you aren’t able to see the carnage of his abuse. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t look. It took me a full day to release the clench in my gut from just hearing the story at a very high level.

In memory of Vucko

Alright! Are you feeling the pull to help animal rescues, but aren’t ready to take a new pet into your home right now? Me too! I am delighted to share many other ways we can contribute to the cause:

  1. Donate money – any amount helps! The money is used for shelters, veterinary, food and transporting animals to their permanent homes – often to different countries near and far!
  2. Comment on the photos posted and thank the workers on the ground doing the hard work of healing these often abused and neglected animals – they need the encouragement – it’s hard work.
  3. Offer to help with transporting animals to their forever homes whether overland or by air.
  4. Share the pages and posts of rescues on your social media sites to help create awareness.
  5. Tech skills? They can always use help with managing the websites and pages. Sandra could use help with building out the catalog of photos of over 500 dogs still awaiting homes from Bosnia!
  6. And remember, if you see any acts of animal abuse, report it to your local animal protection services

Where to find Sandra’s sites:

Animal Welfare Advocates of Bosnia (AWAB)

Bark Ark Shelter 


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