Episode 76: Mermaids for change

Crissy and Chiara are on a mission to help our planet’s big water – our oceans. And how do you catch people’s attention, to help them see the beauty and at the same time the plight of our seas? Mermaids. Yes, mermaids…and mermen.

Chiara’s amazing photography talent is showcased as she brings people to the water, wearing stunningly beautiful mermaid costumes and shoots them underwater. She uses this opportunity to bring the magic & wonder of our oceans to thousands in hopes it will help raise awareness for the need to protect both the sea and all of it’s inhabitants.

Crissy and Chiara work together on on these projects and take a portion of their earnings to fund oceanography studies in areas schools. Their hope is to inspire children to make the small changes that can have big impact.

Listen to the way their efforts to stand up for the oceans will be of benefit to all, including future generations.

Where to find the Mermaids: 

Mermaids for change website


Book YOUR mermaid photo shoot!!

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