Episode 75: Robert of Team Chace

Robert is the father of Chace Elijah a thriving, energetic 4 year old boy who happened to be born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. The condition is a combination of four heart defects present at birth. Robert shares the experience of learning about Chace’s condition when he was born, the process he went through to be strong for him and how he turned to the internet for information and support.

He now shares his life with Chace on social media connecting with others around the world to support them with their own new diagnosis as well as to be an example of how a child can thrive even under these conditions. His sincere love for his child and compassion for others shows in all he does.

Be sure to listen to the end to hear this sweet little guy sign off!

After our recording I mentioned I heard a little mic noise in the last half, thinking it was hitting his collar. Nope. Even better! He and Chace were playing catch the whole second half!!! Go Chace!

Where to find Robert & Chace:




The feeding tube video – Dad & Son sharing the journey

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