Episode 79: Christine the singer is back!

Christine Collister has a special place in the hearts of Glisteners. She’s the first episode…ever! And she came back to tell us more about where her passion is taking her. And that’s the thing about passions in life…they lead us to places and people and experiences we may never have even thought of. For example, I never would have thought this passion I have for people and their stories would have led me here – about to post episode 78 of Glistening Particles.

Christine has a completely inspiring and entertaining story about her music bringing her full circle, how kundalina crystal healing would be part of how she supports her loved ones and how we can choose at every age to follow what lights us up. If you can’t tell, I adore her. Adore.

Where to find Christine & Daphne’s Flight:

Daphne’s Flight

Christine’s webpage— check it out & all the music

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