Episode 80: Sally the mental health advocate

Part of our Standing up for something series 

Sally Goncalves is a creative, kind and insightful mom from Toronto. She is also the owner of Get Outta your Head – a business that reminds us to take our mental health seriously and care for it in a proactive way. Sally shares a beautiful story about how she found her way through some episodes of depression, the gritty hard parts and the moments that helped turn the light back on. She followed an inner voice guiding her to help others find their way back too.

Her business is about sharing the message and supporting one another. From her t-shirts shouting ‘get outta your head’ to her new mentor program, she sets out to remind us about the hope that exists and how we can heal and thrive regardless of where we begin.


Sally is offering you – our glisteners 🙂 – a special price on all her products. Just use the promo code GLISTENERS10 to receive 10% off your entire order!!! Go! Go! Get outta your head and get some cool t-shirts to remind everyone!!

Where to find Sally:

outta.ca – her website

getouttayourhead.com – brings you around to her website




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