Ep 113: Curiosity with Rebecca the journalist

Rebecca Holland is an adventurer and a world traveler. She began traveling the world with school and never stopped. She has developed such a love for experiencing other cultures and places that it led her to make the leap to creating her own publication – Curiosity Magazine – as a way to bring these stories to others. The magazine shares the unique articles, outside of the main touristy content along with tips for how to support the local economy and unique social aspects of travel including the weekly world briefing.

If you’re planning to travel, have a story to share or would like to experience these real, unique stories from the comfort of your own home, this is the magazine for you!


01:53- Introduction of Rebecca, the creator of Curiosity Magazine

03:11- The Curiosity Magazine – the magazine for the social and conscious traveler

05:32- The magazine covers various social and political issues through the lens of travel and food

06:19- A sample article: How To Travel Better in Italy

08:30- The value of mixing a visit of a foreign country with making it half classical-touristy and half focused on everyday, local experiences

08:43- The path of Rebecca becoming an expert on tourism and travel

12:12- The value of visiting foreign places, cultures, and countries

12:30- How is traveling across the world for a young woman?

14:02- American misconceptions about safety in certain countries

15:34- People in the Middle East are very friendly. It is not significantly more dangerous than any other place one can visit as a woman.

17:24- The practicalities of Rebecca keeping herself safe while traveling

19:46- Rebecca’s favorite place among her travels so far—Jordan and Italy

22:33- Release the fear to make the leap, travel to, and visit a foreign country

24:03- Do a ton of research, know where you are going, and don’t be scared about the language gap

26:00- People are generally really friendly

26:22- Travel experiences of Rebecca where she felt unwelcome

34:36- The Curiosity Magazine publishes stories posted 3 times a week; 2-3 featured stories per week; and 1 short food story ‘Just a Taste’; every Tuesday there’s a Weekly World Briefing (not always travel related, but with general information about foreign places and countries so that you can be a better traveler)

35:54- A column titled ‘Unsettled’ focused on forced travel and refugees

36:17- A column titled ‘Harmony’ focused on music from around the world

36:52- The advantage of Curiosity Magazine is that it is focused on real, small-town, everyday activities, people, food, and living in a foreign place

43:40- A life-changing travel experience of Rebecca’s

47:07- Three random facts about Rebecca

Where to find Rebecca:

Visit Curiosity Magazine

Pitch your interesting local stories here: pitches@curiositymag.com

Advertise on, or donate: Curiosity Magazine

Connect with Curiosity Magazine on Instagram: @curiosity_mag

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