Ep 112: Passion with Jerod the podcaster

Jerod Morris, host of two widely followed podcasts, shares his story of how he found his path, what keeps him focused and the importance of following our passion.

The rundown:

  • 3:00- Introduction of Jerod
  • 3:45- The value of transcripts
  • 4:08- Jerod’s entrance into podcasting
  • 5:10- A background in online marketing
  • 5:54- Embarrassing “audio adventures” lead to podcasting
  • 7:40- The journey with Copyblogger
  • 9:10- Why resurrecting archive audio is valuable
  • 10:00- Always following your curiosity
  • 10:30- Learn by making [many] mistakes early
  • 11:20- The simple content gets the most attention
  • 12:46- Don’t force your passion or people won’t love it
  • 13:42- Always be refining your enthusiasm
  • 14:50- Pride + humility = “Primility”
  • 15:46- Transfer your enthusiasm to others
  • 18:44- Even passion projects teach you lessons
  • 19:42- Don’t allow “balance” to squash your passion
  • 20:30- Be compassionate with yourself
  • 23:10- Be focused on your passion and give it your all
  • 24:40- Everyone’s passion is different, so find YOURS
  • 26:58- Let your passion create community and become a conduit
  • 30:40- Your passion and story impacts others in ways you don’t know
  • 36:18- Simply share about what you know and have learned
  • 39:10- The value of opening yourself up to receive input from others
  • 40:20- Impatience can lead to avoidance
  • 40:38- Q&A Kickoff
  • 41:06- iPhone vs. Android
  • 42:12- Mornings vs. Nights (and why naps are amazing)
  • 43:51- Listen to your body
  • 45:36- Cat vs. Dog
  • 45:41- Conversation vs. Storytelling podcasts
  • 46:18- 3 favorite podcasts
  • 47:23- Best podcast listening environment
  • 48:30- How Jerod hopes for change
  • 54:42- 3 random facts

Where to find Jerod:

Listen to Jerod’s podcast The Showrunner and check out the website

Listen to Jerod’s podcast The Assembly Call and check out the website

Email Jerod at Jerod@showrunner.fm or Jerodmorris40@gmail.com

Connect with Jerod on LinkedIn

Follow Jerod on Twitter @JerodMorris

Learn more about the show sponsor The Lawley Art Group

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