Ep 111: Ecotourism with Craig the wilderness guide

Craig Glatthaar is almost larger than life matching his passion for the wildlife, wilderness and experiencing the amazing world we live in. He shares his incredible, first hand experience working with a successful ecotourism model.

In his words:

Ecotourism is one of the most effective conservation models in the world today. I’m really proud of what Wilderness Safaris has done in this space and very privileged to work here for a company with such amazing vision. Simply put, we are dedicated to conserving and restoring Africa’s wilderness and wildlife, and we use high-end ecotourism to do this. Our model is responsible and sustainable, changes people’s perspectives on the planet, and inspires those exposed to it to effect positive change in their own lives and own spheres of influence – whether as a captain of first world industry or a goatherd in rural Kaokoveld.

Conversation highlights:

  • Based in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Parents passion for the wilderness bred this same love within Craig
  • Explaining ecotourism and his company’s model
  • Namibia black rhino
  • Rwanda mountain gorillas and reforestation
  • 2.5 million hectares land
  • Impact of visiting the African bush
  • Wifi-free experience
  • What breaks his heart related to his passion for the wildlife and wilderness
  • Translocating rhinos
  • Seeing the increase in particular species due to these efforts
  • Impact funds
  • An idea for world-wide connection to saving the 8 million species on the planet
  • Tracking the true impact of travel & how to evaluate eco-tourism companies
  • Greenwashing
  • His other passions – surfing & dogs
  • Random facts (hold out for this – we laughed so hard!)

Where to find Craig – other than out in the wild: