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Episode 40: Michael the inspired

Episode 40: Michael the inspired

Michael Balchan chats with me about a plethora of inspiring topics because he is like a planet of inspiration.

He says it best (excerpt from his site):

I help inspired leaders to fall asleep satisfied about what they accomplished that day and wake up excited to do, serve, and be just a little bit better.

My work draws on my Midwest roots, a Harvard education in economics and psychology, my experience trading, training, and leading teams in the commodity options markets, years spent working with and supporting brilliant leaders, a lifetime of international study and travel, extensive personal practice, and world-class learning strategies applied to 600+ books and almost 100 online courses and in-person trainings.

I do it through a mix of one-to-one executive coaching, one-to-many speeches and workshops, and by publishing digital tools, resources, and programs to this site.

I’ve been told that I’m an amazing supporter and celebrator of people, and also an amazing supporter and celebrator of life. Which, I suppose makes sense, since my free thoughts often go toward how to deal with life, given the fact that death is inevitable. And – knowing how it’s going to end – how can I playfully celebrate this amazing journey, while also having a powerful and positive impact on those around me.

Our conversation was filled with joy, ideas and wisdom and a good amount of play 😉

Our conversation explores:

Where to find Michael:

Sites & books referenced (at least most of them!):


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