Episode 39: Jo the justice wielder

Jo Standing is an advanced 10+ year Yoga and Meditation teacher, an experienced and certified professional coach in wellness strategies, a world traveler, daughter of an Army Vet, author of two books on conquering the unnecessary side effects of trauma, plus a 3rd to come this December 2018 based on the premise of becoming empowered by the state of PTSD. Jo is published in the USA TODAY magazine, interviewed in the HUFF POST by Dr. Felicia Clark , and published in the online Elephant Journal. She continues her studies with Dr. Karyne Wilner and Mary Shields, PhD with a Doctorate from Emery University in energy psychology and spearheads The Viva Standing Foundation (vivastanding.org) as well as OurVetCommunity.com.

Our conversation explores:

  • Military families
  • PTSD
  • Telling the stories
  • How we can help

Where to find Jo:

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