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Episode 41: James the renegade

Episode 41: James the renegade

James Gavsie is a modern day super hero. As a child, James faced his fair share of bullying and was never given the tools he needed to stop it in it’s tracks in a safe and effective way. As an adult James is paving the way for a new philosophy of thought that challenges the way we deal with bullying. As a self-proclaimed “Anti-Bullying Renegade” James is tackling the issue alongside schools by adopting a supportive and assertive way for youth facing bullying to handle their situations. In his trials with schools his methods have had overwhelming success. In addition, he teaches MMA fighting, women’s self defense and even serves as an executive producer in the movie industry. 

And just after we recorded this episode, he piloted a new podcast topic called ‘Who would win’ debuting on the Naked Porch Podcast. Listen as he and another super hero fan battle out which super hero would win if battling head to head. Listen here.

Our conversation explores:

  • Bullies & criminal psychology
  • Anti-bullying tactics
  • Unintentional bullying
  • Super heroes
  • Self defense
  • Movie making
  • ‘Who would win’

Where to find James:

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