Episode 2: Jonas the chocolate maker

Episode 2: Jonas the chocolate maker

Jonas Ketterle received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. After working in renewable energy companies serving underdeveloped countries, he parlayed his love of chocolate and engineering skills into creating Firefly Chocolate, a craft chocolate company in Northern California. While perfecting his craft he experimented and tracked benefits of cacao in the areas of creativity, energy and emotions. He’s an advocate of the medicinal value of cacao in our lives as well as restoring the elevated status of chocolate in society.

Firefly Chocolate to learn about the craft chocolate making process, Jonas, his team and of course, to order your supply of chocolate bars.

Ceremonial Cacao to learn more about drinking chocolate.

Felix International a venture-funded next-generation energy company with offices in East Africa and Silicon Valley. Their core expertise is in renewable energy, mobile finance and last-mile sales, marketing, distribution and customer service.

Greenlight International a for profit social business that develops and manufactures honest, reliable solar products designed to help people living off the electric grid.


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