Episode 65: Guy the elusive artist

Guy Whitby, aka WorkByKnight (WKB), is a portrait artist from Melbourne. His is hand & machine made art for a manufactured world of analogue to digital. He has a unique medium for capturing the essence of the faces he creates — keyboard keys. It’s fascinating really! He takes the physical keyboard keys from discarded keyboards and arranges them to create a portrait image, often of famous people. In doing so, he’s almost creating a pixelated image with physical, tactile material. The irony, right? He continues to jump the bridge between the digital and analog world with all of his works as he experiments and plays with new ways to express himself and his subjects.

We finally connected for a conversation to learn more about his art and, as is usually the case, I learned more about him as a person such has how he shares his gifts and talents as well as his personal tribute to a lost love.

Where to find Guy:


Follow the masher signs somewhere in Melbourne.

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