Episode 86: Tanner the painter returns

Tanner Lawley and I go way back – to a chance meeting at an art even in Scottsdale and then later as one of my first guests on Glistening Particles. In his first episode he shared the story of a detour down the wrong path that led him back to his passion – art.

In this episode we talk about more about the business of being an artist. He share’s tips for new artists drawn from his experience of over a decade of painting full time and continually analyzing market demands while staying true to his core values.

We also spend time talking about how he and his wife met, parenting and, again, holding true to values. The point being, it’s all entwined. How we show up every day is what matters, the rest is going to follow.

We even get into a completely unexpected topic … but I don’t want to give it way 🙂 No spoilers here!

Where to find Tanner:

Tannerlawley on Instagram

At his website https://www.thelawleyartgroup.com/

And at his gallery in Dallas at 1507 Dragon St.



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