Episode 87: Hannah the acro yogi

Hannah Haller is an amazingly inspiring woman who lives an authentic and beautiful life practicing and teaching yoga and acro yoga. She shares so much of her life and lessons on a widely followed Instagram account called gypsyon__. What you’ll notice in her images and her words is a woman who’s found her inner voice and lives a life filled with love.

People around the world attend the acro yogo training she and her partner, Pablo, present. They have a strong and connected practice which makes those of us on the outside wonder how much of it is their deep love and how much is yoga and acrobatic skills. It’s hard to know, beautiful, no matter what the reason.

The resounding message I carried with me after sharing time with Hannah is from this quote directly from her:

“My yoga practice helped me find myself and my acro practice helped me learn how to be with someone.” Mmmm so good.

Where to find Hannah (which I highly encourage!)

Gypsyon__ on Instagram

At her website gypsyonyoga.com

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