Episode 88: Pablo the engineer

Native Argentine Pablo is an engineer by heart and soon to be one by degree. He has woven his thirst for knowledge, deep need to understand how things work and an innate drive to improve everything he tackles into an inspired and inspiring life. Through our friendship, I’ve witnessed the degree with which he commits himself to his craft be it study or athletics or violin, or really, to life as a whole.

In this portion of our conversation we talk about learning to play violin and the lessons it teaches. We also talk about mindset – using an example of grilled cheese sandwiches. Really. It happened.

Pablo is recognized as the inspiration behind the name Glistening Particles & the creator of the first version of the podcast art. He’s a part of the podcast and it is my pleasure to bring his voice to the show finally! Watch for more of Pablo in the new Pi series to be available on the Patreon coming soon.

Where to find Pablo: