Episode 92: Gypsyon Q&A – Part 1

Hannah Haller, also known as Gypsyon__, is back with us to share her wisdom! That’s right, her last episode generated such a response, she and I thought we’d do it again! And this time, she solicited questions from her followers. And as always, they delivered! We were able to narrow the dozens of questions down to 10 unique themes and in this episode we cover three of them.


  1. How have trauma and experiences of darkness leveled you up as a soul? How is darkness transmuted this way?
  2. Why are we so driven to fulfill society’s idea about who we should be to fit in?
  3. How to live a life as an individual, not in a partnership and still feel whole?

As always, the conversation flows with it’s own purpose and we are along for the ride! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Be sure to join the conversation on Instagram and share your insights to these questions. We’d love to connect with you!

Where to find Hannah:

Gypsyon__ on Instagram

At her website gypsyonyoga.com


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