Episode 91: Erin and Adriana the magical creators

Erin & Adri met while in college and quickly realized there was something special when they joined up for creative collaboration. In time, it seemed each time one was creating something new, the other was doing something parallel and related. This back and forth led them to eventually pairing up for a podcast about two of their favorite topics – Harry Potter and politics. Unique, right? Absolutely!!! Just as these two women are!

We brought on special guest host, Chany, from the Glistening Particles creative team as our own Harry Potter expert and the energy of 4 women talking about creativity, the wizard world, books and more was AMAZING. This episode left me with 3 assignments which I promptly completed before posting up for all of you:)

Where to find Adri & Erin:

Accio Politics podcast everywhere

Unwoman podcast

Cushy digital creative community

And the books recommendations:


Where to find Chany – today’s guest host & Glistening Particles social media manager:


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