Episode 95: Ryan and Adam the husbands that cook

Episode 95: Ryan and Adam the husbands that cook

Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin are Husbands that Cook. If you have a love of food, cooking and following those inklings of ideas, you’ll really enjoy their story. I discovered them on Instagram when they were doing one of their Saturday Live cooking demonstrations. And I was hooked. Their style and talent are both joyful and inspiring as they bring us into their home and lives. During our conversation, I learned about how creativity is a common thread throughout their lives as individuals and as a couple. They tell the story of how they met, what inspired their new cookbook and how their life has changed since moving into their house in Eagle Rock, CA and transitioning their focus from music and acting to gardening and cooking.

Where to find Ryan and Adam:

On their blog: Husbandsthatcook.com

Husbandsthatcook on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Pre-order their new cookbook!



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