Ep 105 – Storytelling with Jaime the Latinx

Jaime Gonzalez followed what lights him up from one stepping stone to the next and recently felt called to share stories to connect his Latinx community. Through thoughtful and relevant interviews with his peers, he’s sharing stories in writing on Medium. The stories showcase how these individuals are making community a priority and elevating the voice of Latinxs. He’s sharing stories by state, with the collection titled “United States of Latinx”.

Jaime shares a beautiful lesson from his childhood on inclusivity and how that led him to make social change a priority in his life, even to the degree of studying anthropology in college. His contribution at every stage is admirable, yet to him, it’s a way of life.

Where to find Jaime:

Read his stories on Medium here. Search his stories under the title “United States of Latinx”

He goes by the handle ‘simplyawwchumm’ on all social media platforms.

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