Ep 106: Laughter with Frank the filmmaker

Remember Frank G. Caruso from back in episode 35? He is a filmmaker, screenwriter and all around good guy. Since knowing him, I’ve realized at his core he has a passion for demonstrating kindness in every situation. Often times it’s a mix of obvious compassion and interest wrapped in a layer of humor.

Well this is a new format for the Glistening Particles podcast! It’s kind of like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee except for the comedians and the coffee! In this episode, I am joined by Frank the filmmaker for a laughter- fueled trip in Frank’s “modified self driving car.” Smiling and laughing are the themes of the stories that we share, as well as the experiences we connect about. The truth is, bringing people up by smiling and laughing is not only good for the world, but it is good for ourselves as well.

2:45 – It’s 4 hours into a 6 road trip…in converted self-driving car 5:20 – A new type of episode!
7:35 – Oral surgery and calf injections
10:45 – The joy of running errand

14:00 – The purpose behind the show
14:40 – A story about making people smile
17:38 – Talking to people in retail and tracking smiles
22:40 – The humane society as a co-working space
28:14 – The importance of lifting people up in all of our work
29:12 – How anger prevents people from being uplifted
30:40 – Why my daily tao reading is true goodness
34:40 – Our second stop of the day
35:50 – Phonebook of public restrooms of America
38:40 – Making returns and online shopping
41:40 – Our third stop of the day and looking people in the eyes 44:10 – Measuring 20 toilet seats
45:44 – Being kind…no matter what
47:50 – Metric and imperial measurements
49:40 – Story of 4th grade teacher and running
52:55 – The fancy scooter rider
56:54 – Reviewing the second season of Ozark and Jason Bateman 58:00 – Why Ozark gives me anxiety
1:01:30 – Feeling like life is unraveling…in real life
1:03:23 – Smiling at people is a free drug
1:05:00 – Things I’m learning
1:06:35 – Types of meet-up groups we should create
1:09:38 – Why Frank likes to make people laugh

Warning: If you like hearing me laugh, you’ll love this episode. If you don’t…maybe skip ahead.

Where to find Frank:

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