Episode 101: Feeding hungry animals – Jill of Sedona Grace

Jill Cottone is the founder of Sedona Grace Foundation, a non-profit that provides pet food to area food pantries in central Ohio. In this episode Jill shares the story of their beautiful rescue dog, Sedona, who inspired them to help families struggling financially to keep their pets. Hear how she from bringing a dozen repackaged bags to one food pantry and grew to serving the needs of 11 food pantries. She attributes the success of Sedona Grace Foundation to the volunteers, donations and support that always seems to show up at just the right time. That timing? She attributes that to the soul of Sedona watching over it all from above.

Where to find Jill:

Learn all about Sedona Grace and also how to donate at their website www.sedonagracefoundation.comĀ 


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