Episode 100: Daedra the environmental entrepreneur

DAEDRA SUROWIEC is was ready for the right combination of creativity, service and passion when she sort of happened upon her work. In her words ‘it matched everything I wanted to do with my life’. She’s the glass straw maker for her family business, Strawesome, where her husband takes care of the website and all things business-like and their two sons work on packaging and shipping.

In this episode we talk about the dilemma our world is facing due to single use plastic items like straws, eating utensils and cups. We talk about how straws on the side of the road in the middle of the country eventually end up in the ocean and part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (the size of TEXAS!). Check out this Infograph for more information. We talk about some easy ‘one thing’ kinds of changes we can adopt, person by person, to contribute to reducing the amount of waste.

I loved hearing how she came to be a straw maker. You’ll be blown away (pun intended) by how many variations she has on the straw sizes AND to hear the two most common questions people have about glass reusable straws. She shares openly how her choice to run a family-owned business has benefited her life and a couple of the challenges.

Where to find Daedra & a few links from our conversation: 

Her website: www.strawesome.com

Wheresmyofficenow – couple living the van life and going plastic free!

Lonely Whale – the driving force behind Strawless in Seattle – the movement that led to a city-wide ban of plastic straws.

Zero waste home – great book & website with Bea Johnson

Saints Madison – 100% raw cold-pressed juice in Madison, WI

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