Ep 103: Travel design with Charlotte and Kait

Creating Unique Experiences Through Travel With Charlotte Barillier and Kait Daly

Have you ever wanted to travel but you don’t even know where to start? Do you tend to get easily overwhelmed with all the planning? Well, on today’s show we’re introducing you to two ladies who can simplify the planning process and help you plan your ultimate dream trip.

Charlotte and Kait are the owners of Roam Travel Company, a boutique travel planning service that focuses on unique, private experiences, and intelligent travel design with an expertise in African Safari. For those of you familiar with the travel industry, Roam Travel Company is not quite a travel agency and not quite a tour operator, but a fresh twist of both. These ladies focus on private, luxury travel around exclusivity.

In this episode we are discussing all things travel, from the planning all the way down to the “un-Googleable” experiences. Charlotte and Kait also share some of their own travel experiences, telling us more about their travel business and how they go about planning and creating eye-opening, unforgettable trips for their clients.

You’ll especially enjoy how they both found a way to give back and funnel their energy into other passions besides travel. If you love to travel, then this episode is for you! So be sure to keep listening.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Budget is always an aspect of travel, but it doesn’t prevent you from exclusive experiences
  • The value of working with a travel designer and how it differs from a travel agent
  • The best trip and weirdest trip they ever planned
  • Getting started with a career in the travel industry
  • Why Thailand and Uganda are Kait’s favorite travel destinations
  • Charlotte’s love for South Africa and Israel
  • Connecting with cultures and experiences is key to bringing their clients the best experiences
  • Advice for solo travelers: the do’s and don’ts
  • Importance of keeping clients involved in the planning process
  • How keeping rooted in giving back fuels their love of travel
  • And much more!


Where to find Charlotte and Kait:

Roam Travel Company — https://www.roamtravelcompany.com/

Roam Travel Company on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/roamtravelcompany/

Roam Travel Company on LinkedIn — https://ca.linkedin.com/company/roam-travel-company

Roam Travel Company on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/roamtravelcompany/


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