Ep 120: (Vault Series) John the writer

The Vault Series will highlight episodes from the collection of over 100 guests featured on Glistening Particles since it first launched in August, 2016. I’ll tie the vault series to other new episodes to create more light around the work of these inspiring glistening particles!

Jon Storm publishes thoughts and words under the name JM Storm. He has recently published his second book of collected works titled “In my head, Vol. II”. I ordered my copy right away and continue to be blown away how his words expand my mind and heart (and the uncanny sense he’s reading my mind!).

His story will remind you of the importance of listening to the creative energy cracked open when we go through hardship and pain. It’s always within us, and sometimes it takes the rugged road of life to lead us there.

From the original post, Ep 28 published in March 2017

Jon Storm is many things…a mechanic, a father, an avid cyclist, a man’s man and, more recently, a writer. He found his way to translating feelings into words with such meaning they are felt and understood deeply by those who read them. His pieces are both simple and powerful. Jon has a keen sense of clearing away the distractions and getting right to the heart of deep, emotional life experiences. His nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram and other social media channels can attest to the connection they feel when reading his posts.

Our conversation explores:

  • How he began writing (clue: it’s only been 2 years)
  • Why writing forces the truth
  • Social media as a channel for artistic expression
  • How to deal with negative comments, and of course, the joy of the positive connections
  • On writing daily and when to take a break
  • His vintage typewriter and how it changed his writing approach
  • Being quoted on Word Porn
  • His new book (yes! there’s a book coming out soon!)
  • Keeping the focus on the work, not the outcome
  • How the universe whispered to him

Where to find Jon:

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