Episode 5: Sarah the spark

Sarah Nelson is a glowing ball of energy wrapped in a human body. While her work is in the chiropractic field, the way she lives her life, with intention, enthusiasm and compassion is evident from the moment you meet her. We follow a winding path through her stories of how she chose her field, travels to Ireland and how she maintained her vibrant outlook during a health detour this past winter.

Sarah was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner syndrome and lost the use of her arms for a period of months — and she’s a chiropractor! Hear how she faced this with a belief of triumph and recovered far ahead of estimates. It’s a small part of her story, yet provided a deep lesson she shares openly with us.

Links from Sarah:

Gaia – overall awesome sauce!

Ancient civilizations/archaeology

Hidden Inca Tours – Brien Forester

Robert Schoch

Graham Hancock

Robert Bauval


David Wilcock

Contributionism Concept:

Michael Tellinger

Ubuntu movement

Photo credit: Michael Krakora Photography

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