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Episode 49: Sarah the healer

Episode 49: Sarah the healer

Sarah BarloweΒ found healing arts while on a quest of self-discovery. If you’ve ever wondered about how to cultivate a compassionate heart, how to be able to let people be where they’re at, you’ll enjoy Sarah’s perspectives. She is a reiki master along with other healing modalities. That’s her ‘job title’, more so, she walks the talk – being in her presence, even working with her from a distance, is a calming and nourishing experience.

Our conversation explores:

  • Healing
  • Grief
  • Compassion
  • Reiki
  • Teaching
  • Revisiting things we love
  • Drawing
  • Non-violent communication

Where to find Sarah:

Check out Sarah’s teachings, book an appointment with her and learn more about her work here:

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