Ep 114: Embracing change with Lorraine the healer

In this episode I talk with Lorraine Stone, a holistic alternative therapist, or energy healer. Energy healers, like Lorraine, can help you live authentically, let go of overbearing anxieties, and enjoy life again even while in the midst or after great heartaches and life changes. Lorraine’s sessions have improved the lives of numerous people, including mine.

Lorraine shares her story, how she began this journey, and how she helps people be all they can be. Aside from working her day job, she makes time for achieving positivity in her and others’ lives. Living authentically means being okay with whatever life throws at you, and believing that you will manage through. This is the healing work Lorraine performs in her sessions and shares openly in this episode.

Key takeaways:

2:41: Introduction of Lorraine

3:20: How Jane and Lorraine got to know each other

3:55: Lorraine explains what she does—the healing and clearing work and how she found on her journey

17:17: Theta (brainwaves) healing

19:16: “We just have to ask for help when we need it. There is no need to suffer it through.”

28:18: Seeing the bigger picture:  we don’t know what is God’s plan and why things happen around us, but we can know what our impact can be

33:30: Think about what you have got, instead of what you haven’t got

33:45: The challenge of changing your perception in life just for a week

37:40: Lorraine shares what things she learned by making a great change in her life

39:55: Be seen and show up for the uniqueness that you are by living 100% authentically

43:58: Try new things like you try new clothes—and find out if they fit your soul

45:04: Being authentic or selfish?


Where to find Lorraine:

Connect with Lorraine the Energy Healer here: lorrainestone.com

Learn more about the episode sponsor:  Tanner Lawley Art Group

Visit the Glistening Particles website:  glisteningparticles.com

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