Episode 98: Paul the conversation starter

Paul Averill is a man on a mission to open conversations and in doing so, reduce the number of suicide completions in our world. His path to this quest is an interesting one involving personal evolution, living in a series of different countries, all beginning the way quests often do, with a backpack and a plane ticket.

He’s reaching more people all the time through his podcast ‘The Man Bits Podcast: Straight up chat about men’s health’. He has the real conversations with his guests who are most often experts in the areas he’s trying to bring to light.

Paul shares real talk in our conversation and you’ll want to hang in to the end where we rap it up in a bow,  perfect for a penguin in their tuxedo. (Trust me, we went there.)

Where to find Paul:

His podcast: The man bits podcast (please please be sure to watch the dance video on his ‘My Why’ page)

All other social media platforms: @themanbitspodcast

Property Investment Group on Facebook

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