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Episode 37: Regina of the land

Episode 37: Regina of the land

Regina Ni Dinn, known as Regina of the land, has a beautiful story of how she found her way to becoming the shaman she was meant to be. She embraces her work of healing land with beauty and grace and a healthy dose of grit.  For some people, these healing arts are a little foreign, or they might be skeptical, even so I encourage you to listen to her story as it’s filled with love, respect and a good deal of humor. For those who resonate with healing arts, you will find her delightful as well.

Our conversation explores:

  • Sound healing in Egypt
  • Shaman work
  • Workhouses in Ireland
  • Oldcastle, County Meath
  • Kerns
  • Hiding from our true gifts
  • Finding prayer

Where you can find Regina:


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