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Episode 36: Mike the podcast veteran

Episode 36: Mike the podcast veteran

Mike Dell appears to be one of those everyday guys who knows technology, loves his home state of Michigan and has a soft spot in his heart for beagles. Meanwhile, he happens to be one of the first 100 people to host a podcast back in 2005. Yes. One of the first 100. And the truth is, he is one of those everyday kind of guys who keeps that under wraps as he helps people find their voice and share their stories through their own podcasting adventures.

Mike is currently Lead Tech at Blubrry, the largest podcast directory in the world, and where you’ll find this podcast hosted. He is the showrunner for three shows: The Podcast Helpdesk, Geek of the North and Mike Dell’s World. Each of these focus on different aspects of Mike’s life and interests.

Our conversation explores:

  • Beagle rescue
  • The history of podcasting
  • Blubrry’s name back story
  • Aviation
  • Adam Curry, the ‘Podfather’ and John Dvorak of No Agenda podcast
  • The debate of the word ‘launch’
  • Podcasting conventions (yes, they exist and I’ll be at one soon)
  • Podcast to streaming radio
  • The future of podcasting

Where to find Mike:


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